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Adan De La Cruz

Thanks for visiting.

If you’ve made it here, you’re probably interested in learning a little bit about me.

I’m an entrepreneurial spirited digital marketer from Long Island, New York!

I’m also a consultant, speaker, and author of various books on different topics.

Life right now is pretty good.

It wasn’t always this way though, if i had made some different choices a few years ago, this blog wouldn’t be here.

You see…

About 8 years ago, i was just an average Joe just trying to make a buck.

I worked long grueling hours as a business support rep at a large telecom company out of Jericho, NY.

My days were typically long and exhausting.

To make matters worse, my “job” consisted of talking to really angry people all day.

That sucked, big time.

After many years of doing work i hated, i ‘mentally’ checked out.

One day out of desperation of where i am in life and my job, i thought to myself that if i could just make more money, i wouldn’t need to doing things i hated anymore.

I mean, i was really good at my job, but i just wasn’t satisfied.

I searched everything i could online on Google, YouTube, you name it, anything i can get my hands on to learn how to make more money.


Me and Gary Vaynerchuck


I often found websites and videos claiming you could make thousands of dollars online from your home in your underwear.

Like most people, i often seen these ads of making fortunes online and immediately discounted most of it BS or Scams.

“No one can make that kind of money online” and “if they’re making so much money why advertise it?” 

*Click* — i often closed pages that made these ridiculous claims.

I just didn’t believe a word of it.

Me and Daymond John, From Shark Tank

One particular day i stumbled on a video on YouTube from a guy named Greg Davis.

He called himself “Mr. 50K a Day“.

“$50,000 a day? — Now THAT sounds crazy”

It was so unbelievable to me at the time, i just thought that it wasn’t possible to make that much money unless you were stealing from the bank.

With a claim so crazy, i just had to watch and see what this guy was talking about.

I remember watching this one video listening to Greg talk about marketing online, and selling other peoples products and all this crazy stuff i had never heard of before.

It was the first time i had ever heard of the word “Affiliate Marketing”.

Until then, all i ever knew about making money was working for some company.

Little did i know that you could help companies and businesses get more customers and they would pay you (handsomely) for it.

It was then that a lot of these crazy claims started to make sense to me.

Once i started doing the math in my head, i started to see a glimmer of hope that this might be something real, and not fake at all.

I remember watching those videos and doing nothing for weeks, still hating my job.

Then one day i just said just decided enough was enough, my curiosity was nagging me to no end.

I was going to learn this “Affiliate Marketing” thing even if it killed me.

I think this was the pivotal decision that lead me to the path i am today.

Greg Davis Event – Affiliate Millionaires

I watched everything i could and often spent my nights absorbing everything and anything Greg put out.


Often times he would mention some of his mentors and guys he had learned from, and so i went and absorbed everything they put out too!

Then one day, i joined my first Affiliate Network.

I started promoting anything i could, just to learn.

Progress was tough. I was working and basically using my income to pay for ads.

Most of the time, i was losing all my money.

But i wouldn’t give up though.

One particular day, after weeks of testing and losing my shirt, i had broken even and made some changes.

I had gone to bed for the night.

What happened next changed me forever.

I woke up and went to my computer to check what had happened with the changes i made the night before and i was stunned to learn that i had made a profit of $1000 over night.

I refreshed the page a couple of times and even emailed the company to make sure this wasn’t an error.

It was the most exciting and the most frustrating day of my life.

Exciting because i just made a thousand bucks!

Me at Digital Marketers HQ in Austin Texas

But frustrating because realization that i had just made a $1000 dollars in my sleep, and i was getting ready to go to work for $20 an hour shattered my reality of what was really possible.

My mind had expanded at the possibilities, and there was no way going back.

Over the next few weeks, i had made close to $30,000 in revenue in one month. (Although i didn’t get to keep all of it, i had to pay off my credit cards)

What i didn’t know at the time was that this event was the impetus for me to fall in love with internet marketing.

I grew obsessive with learning everything and anything i could to make money online.

Fast forward a few years, i had grown to learn all aspects of digital marketing and learning what makes businesses grow.

Little did i know i would find a passion of mine, buried behind the stroke of a few keywords and a YouTube video.

Fast forward to today.

I’ve been able to leverage all of my experiences by helping businesses grow and at the same time further my knowledge and skill-sets.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel across the country for the past 3 years joining various masterminds, events, summits and networking with so many high level marketers and business owners.

Today, I’ve been able to turn my passions into a career and lifestyle.

Meeting with Facebook at their Manhattan HQ


Now a days, i manage multiple six-figure ad budgets in the fitness space, and have been fortunate to forge relationships with lots of awesome people.

I’ve been also fortunate to be able to also teach these hard learned concepts to other business owners as a consultant and speaker.

Presenting Facebook Marketing Secrets At The Martial Arts Business Summit

This blog is my way of sharing all the great things I’ve learned from great people and paying it forward in hopes that it will help you, the reader, in your journey.

Whether it be learning marketing concepts, learning some tip or hack,  or just growing your business.

I’m sure there’s some stuff around here you might find handy.

Just me!

if you want to see up what i’m up to or just want to keep in touch, feel free to join my email list. I’m making a habit of sharing all the best marketing information, hacks, and tips that i find, so as i learn, you will too!

Thanks for visiting!